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To be Creole
Proud to be Creole
Nothing like it in the whole world




Written by Aliya C. Mathews
Dallas, Texas





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Creoles on the Cane River



“…When I was younger, I was raised to believe that my culture was unique and rich and alive. That there was nothing that could ever take away the pride of my heritage.

That my people the “forgotten people” of La Region d’Isle Brevelle in Natchitoches, Louisiana-contributed greatly to the history of the United States. And, for a long time, I thought that the Creoles were the only people in to the world. It is “the land that time forgot.” But it is mine.





The people are mine… les Creoles: every bit of the French, the Spanish, the African, and the Indian in us. The bayou music… Zydeco: Keith Frank and the Soileau Band, he accordions, the Eunice two-step, the Yele, les Bleus de Creve Faim, Y-Ki-Ki Slims.

The language…creole… our own pidgin dialect, a so-called corruption of the sophisticated French, spoken on street corners, written on signs and billboards, taught in schools, learned in the home: Laissez les bons temps rouler… Oh ye yaille…CoucouC’est la vie…Maumau et Paupau…Ce n’est pas mon faut.


The food: boudin, cracklings, andouille, filet, etoufee, pralines, bestioles (“crawdaddies”), gumbo, jambalaya, mirleton, beignets, meat pies…

the famous Lausanne café. The values.. Catholicism, the preservation of cultural identity, the demand for recognition in a “politically correct” society, the value of education instilled within our children, the “Southernness” of our souls. I have been to Melrose many times. And at Melrose, I have found myself.



So I sit and watch the faces of the visitors… wondering if they know. There is so much to Creole culture… so many things to cherish. And I often lay back and gaze into the sun, then close my eyes.

I breathe in the air, the soil, the purity of everything around me. I take in all that I know. They are beautiful thoughts… These visions of divinity dance about within my head, and I am proud.”
(excerpts from one of my college essays on race)

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