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Proud to be Creole


To Be Creole:
A Basket That Holds Everything

Created by: Julie Eshelman-Lee © 2003



Our Racial and Cultural Diversity, the only one of its' kind World Wide


In this basket is the vessel of passing from generation to generation. It is from this basket where we all seek and give, where each of our personal crusaders finds us, nurtures us

and moves us toward our paths of life. It is within this basket that we find wisdom, integrity, dignity and compassion. From within this basket, we find what it is to be Creole.

To be Creole is to focus on family.

To be Creole is to always be near the basket and offer a wing when it rains.

To be Creole is when one fails the children, another steps in, without direction, and provides what the child is lacking.

To be Creole is a careful loving eye and heart dedicated to the child.

To be Creole is to provide a sense of self, a sense of place and pride with unspoken expectations for the child.

To be Creole is to guide the child, for with the child we have the future.

To be Creole is to be a devoted role model.
To be Creole is to consider family in every decision made.


To be Creole means the strength of a women filled with innate intelligence, nurturing, love, mentoring, and crusading for those close to her.

To be Creole is the gentility of capable patriarchs devoted to family.

To be Creole is to extend family across borders.

To be Creole means we are taught about the past and are graciously given to baton to continue the legacy.

To be Creole is to perpetuate the continuum of love through giving back; from giving we recieve and from receiving we give.

To be Creole means to live with dignity and pride of yourself and others.


To be Creole is to live a life of celebration, appreciation, and devotion.


To be Creole is to respect and model the directions of our paternal and maternal elders.

To be Creole is to honor our ancestors
It is from them for who and what we are, and what we will become. It is with them we visualize and realize our dreams, because our dreams are their dreams. It is from them we carry forward in the passing generation. It is from them we live each day with a sense of warmth and embrace from the large circle of family. It is with this foundation we live honor and truth each day.


To be Creole incorporates our unique culture, traditions, joie de vivre, language and cuisine.

To be Creole is to be humble and reverent.
To be Creole begins in a basket that holds everything


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