We Creoles are entitled to Our Cultural recognition by The American Government...Click here

Our Inherited Creole Rights

Attention Louisiana French Creoles

The Louisiana purchase treaty..Read for yourself..See also.Article III.. .. Click here


The Late... Gilbert Martin  



The  International  French  Creole   Cultural  Society  
Is  Calling  You.

The Cajuns have been able to get their Recognition and We have indeed been here before They arrived and flourished as a seperate Culture so why not Us ...Click here for more




If Any Part Of Your Ancestry,...Or Simply Your Surname, ...Can Be Traced Back To The Louisiana Territory ,..Before Louisiana Became A State,.. Or Back To The Battle Of New Orleans,..This Is An Invitation
To Join The International French Creole Cultural Society.



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Although Mr Martin recently passed. His movement is still alive and still recruting membership ..By organizing together We can petition , File Class action suites and Demand Congress Recognition our creole Heritage that is long pass due, after all Our Creole Ancestors were the First people in the Americas to be so Recognized...Lets bring our Culture and our Identity back...

For Membership or any info on Our Creole Organization E-Mail Us with your Name and E-Mail Addres and We'll put you on our mailing list .................... Augustineplans@aol.com or (408) 294-7060




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Creoles are entitled to just compensation due to Americas' Breach of the Louisiana Treaty it signed and Its' promise to comply with its Terms





Here are some writings from Mr Martins' persuit of

Our " Creole Rights"




Gilbert E. Martin

says it all

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I Through divine guidance and mother wit, have proclaimed myself  THE MIGHTEST MAN ON EARTH because I have recently, and single-handedly, invoked my protection under the Louisiana Purchase Treaty, to deliberately defy two of California's most treasured lawas. And at the same time, I have swung wide open the gates leading out of oppression and confinement. My people have been trying to open those gates for almost two hundred years

. I have opened the gates through which we can all embark upon the wide road to freedom; to nationhood; to self-determination; to equality, and to financial independence. Yet neither the state nor the federal government has the power to ever close them back again. Those gates provide us to our long sought after rights as a bona fide nation among the numerous nations of mankind. By opening those gates I have tested the strenghts of the Louisiana Treaty and also that of the International Genocide Treaty.



    I do firmly believe that Almighty God has given me what is necessary to bring the United States and the state of Louisiana to task, for breaching the third article of the Louisiana Purchase Treaty, and for acting against us in a manner which is detrimental to our very survival, and contrary to what is required by the International Genocide Treaty, to which the United States is a signatory. Therefore, the following information is not being sneaked around behind closed doors- but right in everybody's face. It's right here on the web for all the
world to see.




In order to prove to my people, the French Creoles of Louisiana, that the United States does not have unconditional jurisdiction over us, I, on December 1,2000, sent a letter to Bill Lockyer, I would soon be proclaming myself "Attorney at law", unless he could inform me of a California law which could override my protection.

I have full knowledge that California law and certain laws of other states prohibit such action by informally and unlicensed individuals such as I. Nevertheless, I also know that neither California nor any other state can override the treaties mentioned above. Furthermore, I sent copies of my letter to Lockyer to several other entities and individuals, including the NAACP and the State Bar of California.



    Moreover, as further proof of my God given ability, I am publicly challenging either of those governments mentioned above, to simply issue a public statement denying and denouncing any part of the following claims and accusations being put forth herein.