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The Late... Gilbert Martin  

What Mr. Martin has to say




 Now that I have taken this position, I am contending that the United States of America and the state of Louisiana must face charges of human rights violations against the people of my nation. So, accordingly, against those governments, I am claiming;


  1.....Breach of Treaty

* 2.... Breach of Contract.

* 3.... False Pretense.

*4.....Criminal Gross Negligence.

*5......Racial Discrimination.

*6...... Extortion.

*7...... Complicity in Genocide.

*8..Conspiracy to Commit Genocide.

*9......Attempt .to Commi.Genocide.

*10...Forfeiture of Property.Rights.

*11....Taxation..Without Representation.

*12 ...Religious persecution


         Ever since the United States invaded our country (the Louisiana Territory) on December 20, 1803, our people have been complaining about not being recognized as a separate people in our own rights.

And in spite of the fact that the United States received our country under expressed conditions pertaining to the guarantees of our national and individual rights, we have been ridiculed, harassed, tormented, religiously persecuted, intimidated and deprived of our natural heritage, our very own culturally developed cuisine and the use of our language, which, together, definitely help to define us as a nation.

Furthermore, we have lost the individual rights which we possessed before being forced under American jurisdiction.

          Being that we had already become a civilized, educated, wealthy, and self-sustaining people, many centuries before the mere conception of United States of America, we are definitely entitled to our own separate history, heritage, and the identity of our own choosing. Especially, since the United States came to us unwanted, unwelcome, an despised.




 Therefore, out of respect and appreciation for our caring and provident ancestors, and for the brilliant culture they passed on to us, we must come alive and activated! And stemming from our knowledge of the unwarranted suffering that we and our loved ones have experienced at the hands of others, by simply being ourselves, we must come alive and activate.

Otherwise the future of our nation will grow dimmer, and dimmer, and eventually our nation will fade into oblivion. The United States government would then become victorious in its ever persistent effort to destroy us.


There are Eight

very important things that must always bear in mind when considering whether action on your part is wise, or whether inaction on your part is unwise.


1..We have rights as a nation which are protected by the Louisiana Purchase Treaty and by the International Genocide Treaty, to which the United States is a signatory.

2...The United States Government did indeed receive a very valuable consideration for its expressed obligation to provide, maintain, and protect all of the rights we had before being forced under its jurisdiction. That very valuable consideration was the enormous Louisiana Territory, consisting of 908,380 square miles of real and rich property.

3..By having the treaty rights mentioned in item (1) above, and by the American acceptance of the property mentioned in item (2) above, we as independent nation and as individuals, are automatically exempted from all American taxation.By law, we are entitled to those exemptions, and more so by the fact that the United States breached our treaty.Consequently, not only are we entitled to tax exemptions but to tax refunds as well, since illegal taxes were literally forced from our pockets.Try calculating that astronomical indebtedness to us for a moment or so.

4..With the foregoing in mind, it can be readily be seen that suing the federal government and the state of Louisiana for preparation, restitution, annuity, and other considerations, is not such a far fetched notion. This is a multibillion, if not trillion, dollar pursuit. Don’t take it lightly.




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