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The Creole Soldier and Free Men Of Color

on the Battlefield





The Creole Soldier the battle of New Orleans


he Free Men of Colour were formed under the Spanish, and certainly were originally equipped in the white colonial uniform. They were not originally wanted by the new administration, but Claiborne gave them his support.

With the fall of San Domingo more free wealthy negroes came to New Orleans, and a second company of Free Men of Colour was formed under Major Louis Daquin.

Many other groups of regular and irregular militia were formed in the era in the period before the battle. Most had no uniform whatsoever, and used their civilian clothes.

Others had rudimentary uniforms made for them by quickly running up hunting shirts of uniform colour, some sky blue with a white fringe, some blue-and-white check.

Most of the units were basically groups of friends or members of the same clubs with no interest in soldiering, and were unable to obtain the blue coats, black shakos, belts, or white trousers laid down in militia regulations.

To see if your relatives participated in this great battle refer to the link below.

We have attempted to include for your information a rouster of creole soldiers who participated in the battle of New Orleans. Taken from the "Roster of The Battalions of Free Men of Color."


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