Gen Andrew Jackson
Jordan Noble
Cemetary monument
Battlefield Cannon
The Battle
Chalmette Monument
Chalmette cemetary

The other side

the 91st highlanders

Chalmette Nat Park

The Choctow Indian soldier


The Tenessee Rifleman
The Creole soldier


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The Battle of New Orleans
The Creole soldier




The over all status of Louisianas' Creoles, Free Negroes and Persons of Color prior to the Battle of New Orleans was the admiration and envy of the general Creole Population ofthe
New World

. Under Spanish Rule the Creoles and Free Negroes were an integral part of the Colonial Militia whose peace time duties were the patrolling of the streets of New Orleans after dark..., Though many years earlier they had been used by then Governor "Claiborne during the Chickasaw Wars and other engagements ....

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Prior to The Battle of New Orleans, the native Creoles and Free Men of Color had experienced varing degrees of military service for nearly a 100 years On September 24, 1814 General once again called upon The Creole Soldiers

...Jackson issued two Proclamations...One to the Whites and the other to the free Men of Color...He Called upon Them as "Sons of Freedom" to defend our most inestimable blessed freedom" "as Americans",...that the United States did not want them to engage in her cause without ample renumeration, Therefore in eloquent ringing words the proclamation promised..

."To every noble hearted ,generous Freeman...Men of Color, who volunteers to serve only during the war, the same bounty in money and lands now received by the White soldiers of the United States, one hundred twenty four dollars in money and one hundred and sixtyacres of land......

.."Commisioned officers were to be White; non commisioned officers, Men of Color... As a distinct, independent battalion or Regiment persuing the path of glory, you will undivided, recveive the applause and gratitude of you countrymen"

(We all know that that" Promise" was never kept and they turned out to be Empty words) ,However,the Creoles of Color fought bravely along side all who took up arms in defense of America....The Indians, the Pirates, The Tennessee riflemen and the whole spectrum of nationalities who together help Preserve The independence of the United States...




Battlefield Commanders



Major Jean Baptiste Plauche .... is depicted as a militia general in about 1820.



a wealthy planter who financed and organized the Creoles troops of New Orleans, though he did not command them in the field.

Michael Fortier




The Line up of American Troops

in the Battle of New Orleans

Regular Troops

Regular Light Artillery


7th US Infantry


44th US Infantry


United States Marines


One Troop 1st US Dragoons




Louisiana Militia and Volunteers

Plauche's Uniformed Militia


Lacoste's Free Men of Colour


Daquin's Free Men of Colour


Baratarians (pirate gunners)


Jugeat's Choctaws


Other Militias

Caroll's Tennessee Riflemen (11 companies)


Coffee's Tennessee Rifleman (9 companies)


Adair's Kentucky Riflemen (10 companies)


Total troops on Line Jackson with 14 guns



Hind's Mississippi Mounted Rifles


Ogden's troop 1st US Dragoons

Harrison's Kentucky Militia
Total Reserve


Troops on the West Bank under General Morgan


Naval battalion, Commodore Patterson


Louisiana Militia, Major Paul Arnaud


Kentucky Militia, Lieutenant-Colonel John Davis


Reinforcements sent by Jackson


Total, with 16 guns




New Orleans (December 16, 1814 to March 25, 1815)

Fortier, Michel, Lt. Col.
Amelin, Julien
Bernard, Sanon
Lacoste, Pierre, 1st
Andrie, Bescente
Beaulieu, Etienne
Popolus, Vincent, 2nd
Andry, Alexis
Beaulieu, Gilbert
Carabet, John
Araouz, Joseph
Beaulieu, Hurbin
Demourzelle, Basile
Ardy, Jacque
Beaulieu, Jean Baptiste
Chatry, Frois (adj.)
Armires, Etienne, Sgt
Beaulieu, Lindor
Diesse, Antoine
Asmar, Baptiste
Beaulieu, Maurice
Lioteau, Ferdinand
Asmard, Joisim, Sgt.
Belaire, Jean, Cpl.
Poree, Charles
Astier, Jean Louis
Belhomme, servant
Simon, Louis
Aubry, Pierre
Benoit, Baptiste
Ternior, Jean
Aubry, Marcelin
Echo, Jean Baptiste
1st Lieutenants:
Auguste, Moliere
Bernard, Sanon
Callaud, Louis
Auguste, Voltaire
Beroche, Elie, music
Carriere, Noel
Augustin, Joseph
Bienvenu, Barhelenne
Demozellier, Baltazar
Azor, servant
Bienvenu, Celestin
Duverne, Francois
Badille, Jacques, Sgt.
Bienvenu, Michel
Foucher, Joseph
Badille, Pierre
Blanchard, Jean
Pacaud, Francis
Bailly, Pierre
Blodin, Valiere
Populus, Maurice
Bailly, Pierre, fils
Boidore, Antoine
Porei, Francois
Baptiste, Jean, music
Boisdore, Francois
2nd Lieutenants:
Baptiste, servant
Boisdore, Regisse
Almajor, Joseph
Baptiste, Jean, music
Boroin, Pierre
Deland, Louis
Barbe, Mathiew
Bollien, Gilbert
Honore, Isidore
Barnabe Jean Baptiste
Bollien, Jean Baptiste
Jourdan, Noel
Barons. Etienne
Bollien, Jean Baptiste
Vivan, Charles
Barthe, Jean
Bollien, Lendore
Alxandre, Vzaine
Bezale, servant
Bollien, Maurice
Allegre, Charles
Beauduit, Seraphin
Bollien, Phillipe
Alleque, Narcisse, Sgt.
Beauheu, Phillippe
Bonne, Baptiste
Alon, Benite
Beaulieau, Sterlin
Bonne, Charles
Crepin, Francois, music
Beaulieau, Urbain
Bonne, Jacques


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