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 Wayne Toups
 Certainly one of the most exciting musicians to  come out of Acadiana is Wayne Toups. From the  moment he bursts on-stage with his accordion,  Toups is going full blast and the show is only  going up....

 The Balfa Brothers
 (Les Freres Balfas) helped keep traditional Cajun  music alive in the 1960s, when it was in danger  of  disappearing. The sons, three of a family of  six,  were born to a poor southwest Louisiana
  sharecropper, from whom they...

 Balfa Toujours
 The legacy of late Cajun fiddler Dewey Balfa  continues through the music of his daughters,  Nelda and Christine, and their band, Balfa  Toujours. Performing in the traditional acoustic  style of... more

 Jo-El Sonnier
 The music of Jo-El Sonnier is a way of life.  Steeped in passion, relentlessly committed to his  craft … he has been the undisputed "King of  Cajun" for the past 20 years and occupies a...  more

 Zachary Richard
 Cajun rebel Zachary Richard has been offering  his zesty, unique fusion of traditional cajun,  zydeco, rock and New Orleans blues since the  early '70s. Though not well known... more

 Michael Doucet
 Since the mid '70s, Doucet has been one of the  dominant figures of the Cajun music revival,  respected for his scholarship and admired for his  showmanship. On the one hand Doucet dredges  up ancient...

 The formation of BeauSoleil, one of the best  known and most highly respected cajun bands in  the world, is due to fiddler Michael Doucet's  desire to keep the unique southern Louisiana  culture and music from extinction. But while  BeauSoleil originated... more

 Steve Riley & Mamou Playboys
 Steve Riley grew up in the prairie town of  Mamou where French is spoken on the street,  the national holiday is Mardi Gras, and a poor  family is one without a fiddler or accordion  player. American popular culture... more


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