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Xavier University

Founded in 1915 by the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament, an order of Roman Catholic women dedicated to missionary work among blacks and Native Americans,


Xavier University of Louisiana

is the only predominantly creole/ black Catholic university in the United States





Located at Palmetto and Pine streets, New Orleans, the campus covers an area of more than 12 blocks and contains, besides the administration building, which is constructed of Indiana limestone, a 100,000-volume library, gymnasium, sciences building, lounge, fine arts building, music building, dormitories, and a convent for the 35 sisters who conduct the university’s affairs. The entire plant is valued at approximately $5 million. The faculty, including both religious and lay professors, number 105. There were more than 3,000 students at the university during the 199-97 scholastic year.

Xavier’s College of Pharmacy, founded in 1937, was the first school of pharmacy to admit black students. The fine arts department is noted around the world for the excellence of its graduates and for the encouragement of arts. The music department, which produces the yearly Xavier Grand Opera, kept grand opera alive in New Orleans during the decade or more between the last visit of the Metropolitan Opera and the founding of the New Orleans Opera.

In 1954 Xavier amended its charter to admit white students as well as black and thus, at this time, has no restrictions as to race, creed, or sex. Xavier’s students are drawn from more than 30 states and from at least four foreign countries. Among its 3,500 graduates are men and women who have distinguished themselves by outstanding achievements in the sciences and arts as well as in the field of education.

Dillard University

Dillard University is the successor to New Orleans University, founded in 1869 for people of color by the Freedmen’s Bureau, and Straight University founded and maintained at a later date by the American Missionary Society of New York. These universities were merged in 1935 to form Dillard University, named after Dr. James H. Dillard, a former professor at Tulane University, and later administrator of the John F. Slater Fund, established to aid in the advancement and promote the welfare of the Black race.

Dillard University is located on Gentilly Road, New Orleans. Its campus is 63 acres in extent and its building and landscaping together make it one of the most beautiful in the South. The Stern Science Hall cost more than $600,000. The Lawless Memorial Chapel cost $525,000. Value of property, buildings, and equipment is more than $6 million. The total endowment is $6.5 million.

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