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....nationhood upon us, because we already possessed that unrecognized status. In order to test the truth and accuracy pertaining to the federal goverment's obligation to us as a people, simply go to this page and get a copy of the Louisiana Purchase Treaty, the text.


The Louisiana Purchase Treaty

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It should read "Treaty Between the United States of America and the French Republic.. Read article III in particular. Afterwards, scan the entire five page text and try to find any part that gives the United States unconditional jurisdiction over us.

If such jurisdiction does not exist in the text of the treaty, it does not exist at all. Next, scrutinize every word in article III,then determine exactly what part of the article did the United Sates ever comply with. Obviusly, we have substantial grounds to act on our own behalf. therefore, we wont be asking the United to conduct some kind of feasibility study for us.

We shall be demanding that the United States comply with the indelible law which already exists. Now, LET US MOVE AHEAD!



1..Willingness to support Our Creole Heritage

2....Your Name and Signature on Our Creole Petition

3...A Small donation...if sometimes needed

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  Shall be democratically structured from the grassroots to the highest echelon. We shall have local chapters with each chapter having its own directions; regional chapters consisting of one or a number of local chapters with the chairpersons from the local board of directors comprising the regional board of directors. Thus, every person, without unreasonable restrictions, through the votes of the membership, shall have a chance to progress from the very bottom of the ranks to the highest of positions.



   The initial cost of membership is two hundred Dollars ($200.00) per each adult eighteen years of age and older. Children of adult members who are under the age of eighteen recieve free membership, but must join as an adult member after reaching the age of eighteen, if such person wishes to remain a member with all rights, privileges, and enjoyments of full membership.

After the initial membership fee the yearly dues shall be thirty dollars ($30.00) per year until the society receives one or more sustaining settlements from the Unites States government or from the state of Louisiana of form both entities.

For the purpose of maintenance and operations, portions of the initial cost of membership and that of the yearly membership dues (amounts which shall be determined at a later date) shall be divided between the local chapters, the regional offices and the national office. Arrangements can be made for the initial cost of membership to be paid in installments.

As can be readily seen from the above information, this undertaking is of a very serious nature. And it has taken me twenty-seven years to get to this point. Nevertheless, I have been rejected, ridiculed,misused and openly insulted, all because I took the initiative toward establishing the facts that we constitute the makings of a bona fide nation.

Needless to say, much of my discomfort came from within the very community that I was working (without pay) for. Yet! For nigh on three decades i have spent a countless number of hours and thousands of my own dollars in pursuit of Creole rights and recognition.

Therefore, experience has taught me that there are those within our own community who would not hesitate to usurp my posotion if given half a chance. So, I have cautiosly come to the following conclusion.



Since I shall be fighting for financial gain for the membership in the forms of reparation, restitution, restoration, tax refunds, and tax exemptions, all on a perpetual basis, i shall be working as CEO of the IFCCS on a commission or the percentage basis equivalent to the duration of whatever duration that I originate, negotiate, or cause to come about in any shape, form, or fashion.

In other words, if through my estate shall receive my commission or percentage for the equal amount of time. Of course these conditions shall pass on to our heirs, etc. Therefore, before becoming a member each adult applicant must sign a Perpetual Compensatory agreement and Power of Attorney shall be in full force and effect for five years following May 1, 2001.


   This means that on or before May 1, 2006, I shall step down as CEO and turn the business of our nation over to the membership for the remaining of eternity. Although I shall cease to function as head of the nation, and the power of attorney will no longer be in effect, whatever percentage and commissions that I will have earned, as stipulated above, by that time, May 1, 2006,shall continue to be mine and to become a part of my estate as mentioned above.

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   The five years of control that I seek is absolutely necessary in order to give me adequate time to build the kind of powerfull and democratic nation that I envisioned twenty-seven years back from the time of this proposal. And I need this time to get my people to start thinking in terms of billions and trillions of dollars owed to us.

Also, during this time I can work toward repelling the kind of selfish, conniving, and greedy people that I have encountered over the past three decades. Even before I went into researching Creole history.

   Furthermore, since I have taken this bold and unprecedented step toward the future, I feel that I should definitely be at the helm of this movement which I alone have created.

    Bear in mind that, the United States and the state od Louisiana, conspiring together, or through criminal gross negligence, have been taking unfair advantage of us and cheating us, ever since the early part of the ocupation of our country,



Therefore, I know that five years of diligent effort toward claiming that which rightfully belongs to us is definitely worth the money and energy that I am asking you to produce.
Finally, as our elders uded to say, lets get down to brass tacks.

   With the bicentennial of the Louisiana Purchase just two years away, we dont have time for dissension, negative attitudes, and/or fear. Neither do I have time for curiosity seekers. This is why, in this issue, I gave as much information as I did. You can research the treaty on the web.

Better yet, you can inquire of your favorite politician or attourney concerning the authenticity of this extensive article. Therefore, in light of the seriousness of this matter, and in order to minimize the wasting of time, I am asking for a ten dollars ($10.00) non-refundable cost for each copy of the Perpetual Compensatory Agreement and Power of Attorney, along with a copy of my booklet entitled "Trailblazing Toward Creole Nationhood And Creole Treaty Rights since 1973



This booklet gives an accounting of my actions over the past two and a half decades. From it one can easily see what gives me the assurance that our time is now at hand.
   Moreover, in an effort to give you more information pertaining to our status as a nation, I have reduced the cost of my book " Creole Chronology: 2300 Years of Cultural Continuity", from $17.95 to $11.95.

"Creole Chronology" is a compilation and arrangement of tine highlighting the experiences, events, conditions, frustrations, changes, important questions, and recognition, which all combined contributed to the evolution, perpetuation, and current existence od Luisiana French Creoles, our own rights.



For your copy of this very informative book of 106 pages, send $11.95 plus $3.00 for shipping and handling.

   Note:For the purchase of books and other publications, such as copies of the Perpetal Compensatory Agreement and accompanying paraphernalia, send check or money order to my publishing company.