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Valery Nicolas house. hilaire Boutet, a designer-builder, built this two-story, four-bay creole post-Purchase house in 1808 during the Territorial period after his wife, Mlle. Boisdore, inherited the property from Jeanne Touton Lemelle, femme de couleur libre, who had bought it in 1802 from banker Gerome Flinard or Hinard.

The wrought iron balcony, the exterior back stairway of the courtyard, and the interior apron mantels with their overmantels and channeled pillasters are fine examples of the style.

An 1834 auction advertises "a brick house with upper story, a fine store, corridor and porte cochere. Upstairs consists of four large rooms, two cabinets, rear gallery and French balcony. A kitchen with an upper story of five rooms.

Yard paved with bricks and a cistern." Previously it was thought that the banker Gerome Flinard or Hinard had built the building after buying the lot from Pierre Dulcide Barran. This property displays the interaction in real estate among French and Spanish Creoles and creoles of color.

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