Vincent Rillieux

free man of color





417 Royal Street

New Orleans, La.
(1794 - present)







Formally Banque de la Louisiane

(Brennan's Restaurant).

Vincent Rillieux,


great-grandfather of the artist Edgar Degas, purchased the site a month after the great fire of December 8, 1794.

Either he or Senor Jose Faurie, a wealthy merchant during the Spanish colonial regime, commissioned this storehouse with porte cochere by 1802. Faurie bought the property from the widow Rillieux's daughter and son-in-law Santiago (James) Freret.

The newly organized Banque de la Louisiane bought it in 1805 for $25,000. In 1841 Judge Alonzo Morphy, father of Paul Charles Morphy, the internationally famous chess player, bought the property and the chess player lived in this house where he died at 41.

William Ratliff irby, a benefactor of both the French Quarter and Tulane University, donated the property to Tulane in 1920. Since 1955, the brennan family has run a festive restaurant here, and they bought the building about 10 years ago. Orleans Parish landmark.



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