Joseph Sauvinet

free man of color

1809-1811 Dauphine Street
New Orleans, La.
(1833 - present)

Built between 1833 and 1840 for Frenchman, Joseph Sauvinet, as rental property, this creole cottage retains its outbuilding and all the characteristics that make it one of the best examples in Marigny. Outstanding, common-wall brick kitchens serve both 1809 Dauphine Street and 905 Kerlerec Street around the corner, which Sauvinet also built.

An attorney, Sauvinet, native of Bayonne, France, lived at 831 Governer Nicholls Street in the French Quarter from 1822. His 1843 will assigned the house at 905 Kerlerec to Rose Dazema, femme de couleur libre. Dazema, the unmarried Frenchman's placee, left the house to Sauvinet's brother.


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