Laurent Ursain Guesnon

free man of color





1428 Bourbon Street
New Orleans, La.
(1811 - present)


Laurent Ursain Guesnon ...... Free Man of Color




Laurent Ursain Guesnon,

a free man of color and carpenter,

bought the lot in 1807 and built the brick-between-post creole cottage soon after his marriage in 1811 to Mathilde Zolla, free woman of color. He then lived in the house until his death in 1842 with at least one daughter, Heloise Guesnon. His widow sold the house in 1854.

The beautiful arched openings with their fanlights and the arched dormers, under round-heads beside fluted pilasters with casement openings, intimate the early date and the endurance or creole building traditions.

The gabled ends, the delicate overhang supported by iron bearers, and the position of the house on the banquette, set low to the ground, constitute creole urban traditions. Alterations have not spoiled the proportions of this early house.





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