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The Creole Connection

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The Creole Connection

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Dating Service

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Being Creole sometimes mean that finding another Creole could be very difficult indeed..This Dating Service has been up for over several years and still no takers.....Feel free to list your name and any information of interest so that perhaps it can put you in touch with other People of Color or just about anyone You choose...Below are some interesting web sites that at least can get you started in the right direction...As time passes We will continue to build and add more sites as we find them...Creoles have always been Multi-Racial and the New World Countries are full of them....Good Luck...

Start of by becoming someones Pen Pal and watch the Relation Grow...Send any personal inquiries to this web address should You



Latin American Women

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Creole Bells.

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Want to meet smeone who understands you?

Then send in information about yourself, height, weight, marital status, age, etc. Your address and phone number is necessary and will be confidential. Your ad will be posted on the webpage. Each ad will have a Code Number


M ... Male
N/S ... No Smoking
CAT ... Catholic
F ... Female
N/D ... No-Drinking
CHR ... Christian
D ... Divorced
HGT ... Height
S ... Single
WGT ... Weight
If someone is interested they can give the Code Number of the person to the webmaster.
Eligible Singles

!...New Orleans native Creole man

- 65 - 5 ft. 11 inch. 200 lbs. Meat grader - Interests: travel, dancing, non-smoker. Chino, Calif. (Next Number)

2...32 year old Creole Male

seeks correspndence with Creole F/ of
similar attributes - never married, virtuous, attractive, prefers home entertainment to bars and clubs, would never imagine answering ads such as this. Let’s exchange friendly letters. H/Tx Code #146 (H/Tx stands for Houston, Tx or you can write outthe full name of the city)


****It is agreed and understood by the participants herein that “Creole Con-nection” gives only a social service to responsible adults and that “Creole Connection” or assume no responsibility for the activities of these adult participants.

To send a reply to a

Code #, just send a stamped envelope with the Code # on the bottom left hand corner of the envelope to MIF, P.O. Box 43313, Los Angeles, CA 90043 and it will be forwarded to the person indicated. Please enclose $10 to cover cost of processing. The e-mail address is

Male seeking Female


Tall, Handsome, Creole Man, 58 years old; would like to hear from a Creole Lady 50+ for Long Term Relationship. Area unimportant.

Please reply c/o Creole Connections, P.O. Box 43313, Los Angeles, CA Ad No. 200
       Posted: 03-04-04