The Metoyer Descendants

of "Marie Thereze Coincoin"

For Two Generations
Denoting Introduction of New Family Lines into the Colony







St. Augustine Catholic Church
Isle Brevelle, La

Marie Thereze Coincoin
Claude Thomas Pierre Metoyer

Nicolas Augustin
born: 1-22-1768
died: 12-19-1856
Married: Agnes Poissot
(sister of marguerite LaFantasy)
Marie Suzanne
born: 1-22-1768
died: 7-28-1838
Placee: ca. 1795
Dr. Joseph Conant
born: ca. 1770
died: 3-11-1832
Married: 2-09-1801
*Marie Thereze Lecomte
born: ca. 1772
died: 6-25-1833
married: ca. 1803
Marie Perine Leconte
born: 1776
died: 4-30-1839
married: 1-19-1795
Marie Marguerite LeComte
born: 1-14-1776
died: 1788-1801
born: 1-26-1778
died: 10-09-1838
married: 6-01-1801
Marie Pelagie LeCourt
Marie Francois Roselie
born: 12-9-1780
died: 1780-1783
Pierre Toussaint
born: 10-10-1782
died: 2-17-1863
born: 9-26-1784
died: 12-28-1862
married: 7-23-1804
(sister of Marie Agnes Poissot)


Augustin Metoyer

“The Forgotten People”
Cane River’s Creoles of Color

By: Gary B. Mills
Louisiana State University Press
Baton Rouge and London



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